Beliefs and Values

We live by them

Our Mission

We are committed to helping others build great businesses.
     - as advisors
     - as interim executives when needed


We also start and grow our own businesses.


In both cases, we live by the same core beliefs and values.

EJG 1995  Heerlen, the Netherlands

Core Beliefs

The nature of business is to create wealth. 

   - An effective business grows wealth energetically and efficiently.

   - A good business does good things with that wealth.

   - To be great, a business must be both effective and good.


The purpose of a business must be explicit and understood by all. Created wealth must be directed toward that purpose.

Core Values

Commitment to the business by every team member is essential. Commitment to family and others makes this sustainable.


Capability is strengthened, broadened and adapted to changing conditions through continual learning.


Action is driven more by belief in what we do than by artificial motivators.


Principled moral boundaries must guide all actions. There are no situational exceptions.

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